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Starr Creek

“…a fittingly and gleefully weird macabre piece of fiction… the perfect blast of backwater Lovecraftian lore for our Trumptastic moment.” - Vice

Starr Creek is the debut novella by Portland writer and musician Nathan Carson. Set in 1986 rural Oregon, Starr Creek features Heavy Metal teens, Christian biker gangs, and hopped up kids on 3-wheeled ATVs. They all collide when strange occurrences unveil an alien world inhabiting the Oregon woods.


Wither on the Vine, or, Strickfaden's monster

October 2016 in Eternal Frankenstein (Word Horde)


the projection booth


October 2016 in The Madness of Dr. Caligari (Fedogan & Bremer)


the king of lapland's daughter

July 2016 in Swords v Cthulhu (Stone Skin Press)

the sculptress has no hands

October 2015 in Strange Aeons Magazine


The Lurker in the Shadows

“A fine bit of whatthefuckery.” - Cody Goodfellow
"Nathan, I just started reading your story. I am stunned -- this is the most convincing pastiche on HPL's letter style I've seen.” - Martin Andersson (Swedish Dunsany scholar)

"Finally sat down and read your story –most amusing! (Although I don't believe HPL would ever have begun a sentence – much less a paragraph – with an ampersand.) We all wish HPL could have lived longer and tasted some of the fruits of his later success but you shrewdly convey that maybe he wouldn't have approved of some aspects of that success (can't imagine he would have liked the Stuart Gordon films, for example)." - S. T.

August 2015 in Cthulhu Fhtagn! (Word Horde)



Don't Take Me Alive


October 2014