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We got our first television when I was four. The only channels we could tune in were the local PBS, and UHF 49–which showed nothing but Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Frankenstein, and more, twenty-four hours a day. So the first input I received from outside my immediate family was in the form of giant monsters, and Muppets. Big surprise that I ended up a lifelong nerd.

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What does “Quiet Horror” Mean? Five Horror Writers Weigh In

Next we tackle the term “quiet horror”. Too much ink has been spilled over the superiority of one form of horror over the other. I myself do not hold such a position. A variety of tactics is always good to have on hand. However I do love the slow burn, the building sense of unease, and that certain sense of strain I associate with a well crafted tale of quiet horror. With that in mind I turned to five contemporary writers once again to ask their thoughts of the meaning behind the phrase.

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How Not to Be a Hobbyist
as an Artist

Austin Rich interviews Nathan on making time to write on WTBC.

Reflections on Jello Biafra

To quote Plato if we may, "The measure of a man is what he does with power." And no doubt, Jello is a man of power and influence in the punk rock/alt-scene (even though he may deny it himself.) And to that end, he has influenced countless, countless, countless musicians and artists over his FORTY YEAR mischief-filled career. So, to get a perspective of how far the guy reaches, as Jello Biafra week continues, we asked a bunch of bands, artists, and arty-type-people to reflect just a little bit on the Boss B.

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The Outer Dark 025 Nathan Carson: Touring the Weird by Canoe

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Nathan Carson, author of “Starr Creek” and “The Willows” graphic novel.

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Inside the Lovecraftian Hesher Madness of Nathan Carson’s ‘Starr Creek

In just 163 pages Nathan Carson’s new novella Starr Creek brings together hesher teens, D&D-obsessed 11 year-olds, bikers, cult members, hillbillies, a crazy demonic goat, a hell of a lot of drugs, and a big monster in a crazed collision of Lovecraftian weirdness and, best of all, macabre fun.

Starr Creek is the first book published by Carson, who is best known by Decibel readers as the drummer for Portland doom greats Witch Mountain. As much a student of horror fiction as he is heavy metal, Carson has a keen eye for detail as a writer as well as a vivid imagination, and those two characteristics are a big reason why this briskly-paced novella works so well. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about the book, as well as give us the opportunity to premiere the fabulous new trailer for it as well.

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Weird Tales with Witch Mountain’s Nathan Carson

Metal bands have been using literature as inspiration for decades, but for whatever reason, the two worlds seldom intersect when it comes to actual production… writers tend to stay on one side of the room while musicians stare at them from the other. Shuffling around somewhere in the middle are people like Nathan Carson, drummer of Portland-based doom titans Witch Mountain and published author of short fiction. He’s the rare artist who has feet firmly planted in both worlds—as his band begins a month-long tour with Danzig and Superjoint, he’s currently riding high from the recent publication of his short story, “The Sculptress Has No Hands.”

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KILLING IS MY BUSINESS: Booking Agents Nathan Carson & Dave Shapiro

If ever you’ve set up a tour for your band, you know what a logistical nightmare it can be just to make sure your bandmates actually show up to the van, let alone finding venues willing to book you and somehow breaking even each night. Imagine doing that shit. This is the domain of the booking agent, the air traffic controllers of the touring world. I inter-viewed Nanotear Booking’s Nathan Carson and The Agency Group’s Dave Shapiro for the Killing Is My Business column in Decibel issue 114. Here is the unabridged Testimony of the Agents.

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