Starr Creek


"Starr Creek is a phenomenal weird fiction debut. Laird Barron meets Jack Ketchum in David Lynch and Twin Peaks. I loved it!" - Brian Keene, best-selling author of The Complex and The Rising

Praise for Starr Creek


Barnes and Noble -  "While Carson’s gift for sickening imagery and fever-dream levels of berserk narrative is evident, the crowning achievement of Starr Creek is that it follows its own tight internal logic, ensuring that no matter how off the rails
the plot goes (and we are talking Monty Python levels of off the rails) it coherently communicate its thrills.”
Vice - “…a fittingly and gleefully weird macabre piece of fiction… the perfect blast of backwater Lovecraftian lore for our Trumptastic moment.”
Rue Morgue Magazine - “A love letter to the era of denim jackets, D&D, and evil hiding in the woods…a fun, fast-paced read that's as satisfying as it is speedy.”
Decibel Magazine - “…macabre fun… Carson has a keen eye for detail as a writer as well as a vivid imagination, and those two characteristics are a big reason why this briskly-paced novella works so well.”


The Oregonian - “…a fever dream of the '80s set in rural Oregon that ricochets among bikers, acid-tripping teens, a pair of backwoods siblings named Puppy and Kitty, and a mysterious entity that is clearly not of this world.”
The Portland Mercury - “…a strange and vivid sci-fi story set in the rural Oregon wilderness.”
Willamette Week - “…a trippy, Lovecraftian 'weird fiction' novella…”
Portland Monthly - “a nostalgic jaunt into 1980s rural Oregon featuring heavy metal teens, Christian biker gangs, and, naturally, aliens.”
Eleven PDX Magazine - “Carson’s Lovecraftian vision is alive and well in Oregon, with his vividly detailed account of life in the forest deep in the central Willamette Valley.”
Albany Democrat Herald - “For a book mostly written in 60 days, “Creek” bears no traces of expediency. It’s a confident work, with vivid characters, memorable sequences…and a solid flow. Its setting is an authentic, recognizable ’80s, deftly executing a delicate balancing act of evoking a period without pining for it.”


The Grim Reader - “Starr Creek has appeared at a time when shows like ‘Stranger Things’ are rekindling an interest in the 1980s, but it doesn’t feel like Carson is simply someone jumping on the bandwagon. Instead Starr Creek feels like a book written by somebody with a good memory of times past, somebody who walked in those shoes and somebody who enjoyed the freedom of youth. A really great read.” 4.5/5
Horror Talk - “…eerie, strangely touching, packed with awe and innocence, and entertaining in the way all alien stories should be.” 4/5
Ginger Nuts of Horror - “…a wild adventure that involves alien creatures, unbridled violence and a strange commune. The writing is rich and very clearly from the heart-- as the best writing should be. He has an unwavering eye for nostalgia, or the interaction between youth and adults and events, all realistically painted.”
Fast n Bulbous - “…crisply economical but with an evocative atmosphere…”
Horror Fiction Review - “…pretty brain-bending to say the least…a meander down a psychedelic memory lane of Dungeons and Dragons, heavy metal music, classic arcade games and television ... with nods and winks at everything from Lovecraft to E.T. ... yeah, Starr Creek will take you places, whether you were an 80's kid or not!”


November 28, 2017

A great review by Teodor Reljic connecting Starr Creek and hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’.

AUGUST 23, 2017

Barnes & Nobles' Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog features Starr Creek in its list of 10 Books That Take Us into Deep, Dark Woods. A perfect fit for the gloomy days ahead.

Get Starr Creek directly from the author here.

January 2, 2016

Nathan is reading at the Book Bin in his hometown of Corvallis, OR on Friday, January 6. Read the Corvallis Gazette-Times interview here.

December 21, 2016

December 8, 2016

Motherboard, Vice's blog about technology, has a 2000-word excerpt of Starr Creek up now. Check it out here.

December 1,

November 20, 2016

Deirdre Crimmins reviews Starr Creek in the December 2016 issue of Rue Morgue:

A love letter to the era of denim jackets, D&D, and evil hiding in the woods, Starr Creek is the latest splash into the pop-culture pool of 1980s nostalgia.

The story takes place largely in 1986 in a tiny, sleepy Oregon town. Like most small towns, the kids here need to create their own entertainment. Our central group of teenagers (Kira, Allen, and Bron) keeps themselves busy with Dungeons and Dragons, and a whole pile of drugs. Ethan and Charles, the other key clique of two young kids, spend their summer with the newest arcade game, fireworks, and hunting for any errant nudie magazine they can get their hands on. You know – typical kids' stuff.

After a drug trip lands the teens in the clutches of a local incestuous redneck family – the same ones who may have just killed a man and sold Ethan and Charles a Hustler or two – the plot of Starr Creek begins to take shape.

Proudly making its influences known, the book incorporates plenty of nods to cinema history. From the underground tunnels of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 to the triumphant kid gangs in The Goonies and Monster Squad, Starr Creek mashes up all of these references into a fun, fast-paced read that's as satisfying as it is speedy. By using already well-established character stereotypes from other films and books, Nathan Carons – who is perhaps better known as the drummer for metal band Witch Mountain – is able to get the reader invested in the story without spending much time on character development.

Starr Creek is fated to be compared to the recent Netflix series Stranger Things, and rightly so. There are far more similarities between the two than there are differences, including a serendipitous Eggo reference. But where Stranger Things aims to be atmospheric and earnest, Starr Creek chooses to jam in as many intersecting plots and characters as possible. This makes for a spirited read, but sacrifices the creation of any real, memorable scares.

November 13, 2016

Microphones of Madness discuss Starr Creek, the debut novella from Nathan Carson published by Lazy Fascist Press.

October 12, 2016

Author and editor J David Osborne talks to Nathan about lot of cool stuff, including how best to get thrown out by an angry DJ, how touring has helped him develop, the importance of community, Starr Creek, and its writing process. Listen to Episode 12 of The JDO Show.

October 7,  2016

Best-selling author Brian Keene interviews Nathan about Starr Creek, how being a musician helped him become a better writer, touring with Glenn Danzig, meeting Jello Biafra, the secrets to time management, being your own agent, and much more. Listen to Episode 88 of The Horror Show.

Starr Creek is #1 on the list of 'Books like Stranger Things'. If you loved the show, then this book is for you!

September 26, 2016